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  • We recommend booking at least a week in advance for the purpose of making sure we have enough supplies, but always feel free to inquire if we have availability

  • Within 30 mins of Salem, NH

  • We will book any day even weekdays

$49 - Character & Gift Bag

The character will appear outside your home to deliver a birthday bag with a balloon bouquet, themed coloring book, markers, stickers, and card from character to birthday child. (Yes it is okay if there is no birthday too just let us know!)

$99 - Birthday In A Box

The character will appear outside your home to deliver your birthday box. The box will contain all you need for a small home birthday party with the people you live with:

* balloon bouquet

* cake mix

* cupcake liners

* frosting

* rainbow sprinkles

* dessert plates and napkins

* happy birthday banner

* tablecloth

* candles

* themed coloring book

* markers

* stickers

* card from character to birthday child


For Character & Gift & Birthday In A Box...

You willl receive a text after to choose a time and let us know if you want Elsa (Frozen II) or Spiderman.

$8/each for siblings to receive a bag with the coloring book, markers and stickers as well - can add on after booking.


Children may watch and wave to character from glass doors/windows.


Current themes/characters: Elsa and Spiderman

The theme of paper products/decorations included in package will match the character.

$29 - Car Parade

Currently available:

Spiderman or Elsa


Can wave from the side of the road during your parade!

Or can be the last car in the parade to suprise your child and step out for distanced pictures at the end!


Another idea:

Some choose to go with the 'Birthday In A Box' or 'Charater & Gift' option, and we can attend the parade for no extra charge, be the last car and come out from afar with the box/gift

You will be texted after booking to arrange, but feel free to reach out before ( if you have a specific desired time you want to check.

$19 - FaceTime Call

10 minute FaceTime call

If you do not have FaceTime, we can do a Facebook video call or Whatsapp

We put the matching backdrop behind the character & chat with the birthday child!

Have paper and crayons available in case we want to draw or write something together!


(Yes it is fine if there is no birthday too!)


Currently available:

* Spiderman

* Rapunzel

* Ariel

You will be texted after booking to arrange time.


- - -

If you are looking for other characters do not be afraid to ask - we are friends with character companies in the area and can connect you!

Given the difficult times we are trying to keep prices as low as possible while considering gas/supplies/entertainer.