April 20, 2020

Our limited edition 10 pack play passes heading out in the mail. Cannot express the gratitude enough for the support we have received from the parents in our community.

This deal is offered here.

April 18, 2020 - Ongoing

We are offering a new service called "birthday in a box" where Elsa or Spiderman walks into the yard with a box for a birthday child that contains everything you need for a small home party with those you live with. The child watches through the window or screened door as the character enters the yard with music playing, leaves the present on the steps, waves to the child and dances together for a few minutes from afar.

Read more about this service here.

April 14, 2020 - April 15, 2020

We get ready for more completely NON-CONTACT ways to bring joy to kids that promote social distancing to the fullest.

March 28, 2020 - April 12, 2020

For three weekends Kid's World visited over 250 children with our non-contact bunny. Bunny hopped up the driveway, did a little jig, and left customized Easter baskets for the children. Kids watched from windows and screen doors. Our friends at Royal Cutlets even pitched in to help!

March 27, 2020

We will be in contact with the birthday parties that are impacted by the new orders put into place today by our governor. May 5th would be the soonest possible day to reopen as of now. Stay safe. And stay home.

March 31, 2020

Memberships & Groupons: your expiration dates will be extended for free for the duration we are closed (currently at 2 months)

March 15, 2020

This is a very difficult decision to make as a small business. In fact, I am just a mom who is completely on her own caring for a 3 month old and 4 year old, and we have been and will continue to be severely impacted by this.


As of Monday March 16th we will be temporarily closing to help refrain the spread of COVID-19 and promote social distancing, in compliance with the governor's ban on gathering of more than 50 people and regulations set by the CDC. While the overwhelming majority of schools are closing for two weeks it feels counteractive to do otherwise. We will aim to reopen April 1st to keep it simple.


Any parties booked for the remainder of March will receive a $75 gift card for rescheduling. If anyone wants to receive a gift card for their full paid amount instead of rescheduling (which could be saved for next year’s party season for example) we can do that and provide the $75 gift card on top of it as well (basically a free $75). However we will not be able to accommodate anymore refunds at this time. For parties as of April we think we should wait and see where we are at, perhaps the next couple weeks of social distancing will bring the country to a better place. If you had a party this weekend (3/14-3/15) and kept it I will also be sending a gift card for the impact your party experienced with the current events.


** All of our currently active memberships and library passes will be extended by one month for free **


We will also be temporarily lowering the prices of our parties by $50 if you are interested or able to pre-book for the future. During this time we will also be selling 10 pack passes for $50 that will not expire and can be saved, used as gifts, or shared among friends. Both these offers will be available at kidsworldsalem.com and could help a small business just a little bit.


None of us saw this coming and have been scrambling to figure out what to do, and we are all being impacted in someway. Kid’s World is my and my children’s entire life and world, I care so much about this place and every memory we are making for every child that walks in these doors. I read every review and comment, do a little happy dance for each good one and literally shed tears over each bad. We will use some of the closed time to work on painting inside, more deep cleaning, and configuring plans to come back stronger (and cleaner) than ever before.


For the next couple weeks, enjoy your time with your kids at home (or at least try not to pull all~ your hair out) and let’s put our best foot forward to get past this together. And please, please be kind to each other.


See you soon


Rachel, Rosabella & Liliana