How often do you offer open play?

All 7 days of the week for all operating hours.


Do you need to be a member to play?

No, you do not need to be a member. Members do bypass most of the check-in process and have unlimited access for how many months signed up for.


Is re-entry allowed?

Yes, you may return at any point in the day for no extra cost.

Do you have food there?

We have a nut free cafe with snacks and drinks. Pizza slices available on weekends and vacation days.


What are the slowest and busiest times of day?

This is always changing due to weather, school vacations, and birthday parties, so please call ahead if you would like to find out how busy it is or if there are any parties or groups coming in.


Why do I have to remove my shoes and wear socks?

In a place where little ones are frequently crawling on the ground and cleanliness is a top priority, everyone removes their shoes to minimize bacteria and wears socks to practice good hygiene.


* If for medical or sensory reasons you and/or your child will be unable to do so, please let the front desk know, and we will make accommodations such as shoe covers for adults.


* You may see staff wearing shoes that are left at work as strictly indoor shoes or due to job specific regulations, such as working with food.


Why do I have to fill out a waiver?

You are signing a waiver agreeing to watch your child, follow safety rules and regulations, and agreeing that you are responsible for the children you bring with you.

Why do I have to pay $2 for additional adults?

This is due to maximum capacity limitations. 


Are kids allowed to be dropped off?

No, there must be an adult with them.


Can we bring in outside food?

You may bring in reasonable snacks and drinks, NUT FREE.

Can I bring a cake/cupcakes in to eat in the cafe?

No. Birthday celebrations may not take place in the cafe/main area. A room can be rented to bring in cake to eat, feel free to reach out to the party coordinator for help with that.


Are you a nut free facility?

Yes, Kid’s World is a nut free facility, and we do not permit bringing in nut products at anytime. 


Do you offer free Wi-Fi?



How often do you clean your toys and equipment?

Toys and equipment are checked and sanitized on a daily basis using bleach/water solutions.


How do I book a birthday party?

You may book a party by contacting the party coordinator at info@kidsworldsalem.com or by calling the store (603)896-6300.

Do you close during birthday parties?

We do not; we remain open for play during all operating hours. We may close the open play when our holiday parties sell out (such as our popular Halloween party), and we close on major holidays which will always be posted on our door, at the top of the homepage on our website, on our Google page, and on Facebook. We have one private party options available Sundays after 5pm.


Is Kid’s World a franchise?

No, Kid’s World is a locally owned family business.

Is there another Kid's World location?

Kid's World in Salem, NH is the only location.


When did Kid’s World open?

April 2018.


How old do you have to be to work there?

Staff Members may be 15 and older. Supervisors are 18 and older.


Can I bring my stroller inside?



Where do I put my belongings?

There is a shoe and coat area where guests may also leave their bags. Bags may be brought in and carried if preferred. There are also lockers located in the restrooms that may be used free of cost for the day; simply ask for a lock at the front desk.


What discounts do you offer?

Military, fire, police discounts, twin discounts and group rates.