To Keep You Safe


Rules for private rentals starting June 1st:

  • No walk ins.

  • Reservations must be made online by 5pm the day before.

  • Maximum 10 people.

  • We will need to count all individuals including infants.

  • Masks are mandatory coming in and out of the facility. There are exceptions for young children who are too young for face coverings or may not comply, and for when people are engaged in fitness activity.

  • We are eliminating in store transactions.

  • Water fountains are against COVID-19 state regulations so please bring your children's water bottles! We will have bottled water for purchase if necessary.

  • Shoes must be removed and socks worn. Please remember everyone’s socks - kids and adults. If there are medical reasons prohibiting this let us know.

  • Stroller wheels may be sanitized at entry to enter facility.

  • Hand sanitizer needs to be used upon entry and will be readily available throughout.

  • Belongings must be stored at front.

  • There will be one employee stationed at the front to watch door and who will stay minimum 6 feet away at all times.

  • Staff member will wear mask, be temp checked, and answer small questionnaire.

  • There will be no eating inside the facility at this time. There will be a picnic table outside with a plastic covering sterilized between families.

  • There are minimum 30 minute gaps between families so no families will pass and so we can sterilize the facility between families.

Please note: we wish to fully comply with state regulations and it is possible they may change at anytime.

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